"With the guidance and contribution of Bob Hallett, this album is a selection of songs, jigs, and reels that Ofra felt she really connected with and that told a story of what she has come to know and love about the province of Newfoundland." Mike Herriott

The single "St. John’s Waltz / Cara’s Waltz" was released on August 18, 2020 featuring cellist Ofra Harnoy with special guest Alan Doyle, formerly of Great Big Sea, is the new single from Harnoy's recently released Analekta album "On the Rock," celebrating the sounds and spirit of Newfoundland. "St. John's Waltz" composer, Ron Hynes (1950 – 2015) was Newfoundland’s unofficial poet laureate. “Cara’s Waltz” is a dance Maureen Ennis and Alan Doyle wrote to celebrate their mutual adoration of Cara Butler, an Irish dancer friend of theirs who performs with the Chieftains and many others.